Christopher P Comes

Artist, actor, volunteer, friend, brother and son.  I never know what the day or rather next will bring and enjoy what can feel like chaos but in fact is the natural order of what my life have always been!

Christopher Comés

Artist and Web Designer

A native California, I grew up surfing and traveling the coast before starting a career in the Arts.  As an actor I worked at the Public Theater, South Coast Rep and the Geffen.

When I started painting again butterflies have been my muse and my joy.  I use a mixture of gold, copper and silver leaf, handmade papers, lucite, copper, metal, glass and a lot of listening to the canvas...I live in Palm Springs and work and teach in the Arts and happy to be a member of this inviting community.

If your here to buy art or a website your inn good and creative hands so look around and enjoy the site.


No matter how simple developers make a CMS (Content Management System), and they do, however eventually designers or mini-developers or money grubbers reach in and make it impossible for the average person to just build a simple website.

Even I who have used Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Vendecommerce many many times and similar but different CMS's have to take a few days to catch up to the changes and the lingo and the tutorials.

So, you've come to the right place and the right Company.  We are you and we train you on what we do for the most part so you can be like a bird and fly above your site at your pace.

Wanna chat or meet?

Contact me here and Ill get back to ASAP!