Welcome, to the gallery of Christopher P Comés

Here you will find a variety of the Art I love to create and share with the world.  I have one mission with my Art. To know when to stop…!

I’ve been so fortunate in my life here.  My mother, who still continues to evolve and create incredible Art passed down a few things to me Art and an interest in the ‘others’ experience being one of the most precious gifts.  I’ve expressed this artistic drive myself through film, television, multimedia, and the fine Arts and found all to be variations of the same thing for me, authenticity attracts us and lifts us.

Please take a look around and enjoy the images as I have had creating them through spirit, love and technique. But it is you that now is the artist and gets to interpret what lies before you.  No two versions are the same and thats what makes the world a wonderful place right?!



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