Welcome here you will find information about what and how I use to make Websites.  Generally WordPress.  I use Joomla and Drupal as well and Vendecommerce, but I find WordPress is most teachable to clients who want a little more control.

I've been in the creative arts all my life and find that web design can be just as creative once you get past some nasty code. I've built all kinds of sites from recovery to real estate and from non profit to deign stores.

I studied at UCLA and was lucky enough to enter just as CSS was being created.  CSS stands for cascading style sheet and has made the web browser experience much leaner and faster and dramatic.

While at UCLA i was also fortunate info to study with many of the Adobe professionals, men and women who actually make the systems and apps.

I use mainly Adobe for graphics, web coding, plugins and Style Sheets.  Illustrator for logos and Photoshop for major graphics big and small.  In Design and Adobe Acrobat are both incredibly powerful tools as well.  The text you see on this page which is commonly referred to as Vector is due to Adobe's ground breaking technology.

From blank page to brilliant design.

The world-class design tools in Creative Cloud give you everything you need to make anything you can dream up. Design logos, posters, brochures, ads, and more. Combine images to make incredible artwork.  And use our mobile apps to sketch, draw, and create layouts wherever you’re inspired.

Alrighty then!

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