About the Artist


I'm an artist and graphic designer That builds and teaches individuals in Adobe Creative Suite and my name is Christopher Comés.  I build websites mainly in a CMS (Content Management System) named WordPress as to allow my clients to play, build and maintain their websites beyond my initial work.  I enjoy watching people learn how easy it can be with a little work and an open mind giving them the freedom to be able to explore the Web and all it can do for them.

I know the fear that comes with handling your own site for the first time and believe me it is not as daunting as your mind makes it and with a little effort you can get an amazing amount of work, creative and otherwise accomplished in very little time.

I'm from Topanga CA, born and raised, I spent 20 years in the entertainment community both in front and behind the camera and truthfully art and web design is easily more rewarding for me as I hope you will take the chance to find out for yourself or at least add it to your life.  I was taught from some the best and brightest from Adobe themselves at UCLA and currently re-certifying my credentials at College of the Desert in Rancho Mirage which it turns out is an excellent college for Web Design.

I look forward to meeting, speaking and hopefully gaining your trust enough to allow me to be a part of your learning experience.  It is, in my opinion to hire someone to work for you without becoming somewhat if not very interested and involved in just how these applications work, but possible too to simply hire someone to get your goals met without ever having to put hand to key board.

I look forward to speaking with you and make it a great day wherever it takes you!

Christopher Comés

Next Steps...

At the moment I am rebuilding my resume of sites, graphics and art so you may see mostly my latest works of butterflies...

Please leave your info and a brief message on your needs or requests and I will get back to you asap, no longer than a day.