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Here is some dummy text to learn with.  La la la.  Here and now.

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Tuesday Feb 21

So here is a new post…©

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New Beginnings


Christopher here, just a few words today…


Welcome to my Blog Page.  Soon I will be posting articles concerning art, web-design secrets and graphic design techniques while I am learning about this particular Template.  It is the free version of the Sydney Template, but it has so many customization possibilities i am using it and will purchase the Pro Version because I am so impressed with how understandable it is to work with and around.

I’m sharing this with you because some clients want to be able to manipulate and populate their sites with me only or together or on their own which I applaud because I teach/train from the perspective of you having complete freedom and independence when it comes to working with and on your site and in your own time which does not always fall on a webmasters time frame. And believe it or not it can be fun being the envy of all your friends while they ask you who did that and you can say…’Oh, I did, can you pass the salt Johnny.’  My sense of humor forgive me.