Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here some answers to some basic questions you may have about designing, website, tutoring or art subjects...


Yes I am an artist.  I have been working in the art(s) most of my life here on earth and it's been both rewarding and challenging as most careers are.  I live in Palm Springs and my next showing will be at the

Indian Wells Art Exhibition which takes place during the world renowned Tennis Tournament.  I donate my time to Desert AIDS Project by teaching art classes on Saturdays and you can contact them or go to Studio9 on Facebook to find out more.  I'm always doing some form of art and would be happy to show anyone who is interested in my work a viewing.

What do I charge for graphics tutoring?

My prices range from $50.00 an hour for Adobe Creative Suite Applications (photoshop/illustrator/indesign/dreamweaver/acrobat).  This includes showing you were and how to get answers to questions or problems you may have when your working and wanting to find solutions on your own.  They are out there.  My goal is to create an experience which leaves you with much more knowledge about how to get where your going than anticipated by searching and finding answers to questions on the web which can be tricky at times.

What about websites?

What about them.  Each site is as unique as the indvidual creating or buying one.  Generally my price range is $1500.00 a site.  I typically build in a CMS (content management system) called WordPress but there are several others that I use as well such as Drupal and Joomla for larger scale interaction.  Wordpress comes with 'popular applications' such as social media buttons and links (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc...) which are fairly easy to train clients in.

Generally I ask for 3 installments the first is the retainer $500.00, the second is the first look at the requested product and the last after the changes the client has requested and received any and all changes they have given me after the our second meeting.

Of course because each person has certain requirements it may vary but rarely does this happen.

The fee includes 3 hours of admin panel training in which I show you how I built some basic features and how you can now manipulate these features as desired when the time may come.  That is the main reason I use WordPress, it's user friendly and cost effective.